BAC auditions are held twice a year during the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and are open to all students enrolled in Princeton University.


Auditions consist of learning short sections of choreography in small groups as well as a freestyle portion. BAC looks for members who fit our style and have swagger, not just those who can master choreography. 

Auditions are mostly informal. Just remember to come out and have fun!


Black Arts Dance Company Auditions

"I had a lot of fun during auditions, especially because I asked my friends to audition with me! At first, learning the choreo was a little scary, but there was always a member nearby to answer any questions that I had. Even if I did make a mistake, I still got cheered on. It's not easy to find this type of support in a dance group!"

Black Arts Dance Company Auditions

"Auditioning for BAC was a really positive experience for me. One of the best feelings as a dancer is getting the same energy you are putting into your performance back from your audience, and I felt like this was very applicable to my auditioning experience. Company members were really encouraging and my doubts and nerves were met with kindness and reassurance. 11/10 would recommend trying out!"

Black Arts Dance Company Auditions

“I first saw BAC perform at This Side of Princeton when I came to visit for Princeton Preview. I was immediately drawn to the dope gear everyone had on, the lit music, and just the vibe of the group. I auditioned because I felt that this company would push me to be a better dancer, and it gave me so much more. It’s an unmatched experience at Princeton, and after meeting so many alumni, I can say BAC is forever."





WHERE: New South Dance Studio 

WHEN: Wednesday, September 11th 9PM - Midnight

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any dance experience; can I still come to auditions?

Yes! Many BAC members came to auditions with no experience under their belt and grew immensely from then on.

How long are auditions?

Auditions are 3 hours & callbacks are 2 hours.

What happens during auditions?

We start off auditions with a short groove section. This section is choreographed to not focus too much on skill, but more so on how well you can pick up choreography and make it your own! But don't worry - BAC members are there right beside you if you have any questions along the way! Dancers are then grouped off into smaller sections to perform. Afterwards auditionees learn a longer combination and perform in groups again. At the end we have an awesome freestyle circle for you to let loose and show us your moves. Afterwards, auditionees will receive an email from us before callbacks outlining our decision!

What are callbacks?

Callbacks are the second round of auditions. If we invite you to come to callbacks, you will partake in performing choreography from the first auditions and also a new set of choreography that we will teach you. (Callbacks only occur during fall semester.)

I'm really nervous about auditioning; what should I expect?

Expect absolutely no judgement! We are so grateful when fellow students come out to audition and learn about BAC that we strive to make it a comfortable experience for everyone. Whenever you need help with remembering a move or want to ask a question, ask any BAC member around! And if you're feeling a little unsure about auditioning, just remember you won't know what will happen until you try!

What makes BAC different from other dance companies?

What makes BAC unique is our commitment to producing shows in line with black art and music. We also have themes for our shows that tie all our dance pieces into one awesome production!